29. agosto 2020 - 19:00 fino 20:15
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THE RAT PACK UNDEAD returns to Atlantic City | Boardwalk Showroom @ The Claridge | sabato, 29. agosto 2020

The longest running Rat Pack show currently in New York!
Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and Sammy Davis Jr. are back in the spotlight, back from the dead crooning their hearts out for the literally undead show that critics have raved blew them away and left them wanting more. Having come back from the dead, The Pack adds a spookish spin to their biggest hits, changing up their lyrics to honor their undead lifestyles. More comical than creepy, more entertaining than eerie, you'll hear all of your favorite Rat Pack tunes with an "undead" twist, including "Come Die With Me," "Ly Me in the Tomb", "What Kind of Ghoul Am I?", and many more!
Returning to Atlantic City AUGUST 24th, 2019
One thing's for sure, They may be Dead, But their voices aren't!

"Rat Pack Undead BLEW US AWAY!" - Claridge Hotel, Atlantic City
"It left us wanting more" - Marilyn Miller, former girlfriend of Frank Sinatra
"Truly fine incarnations of the stars" - AndyB Sports & More Reporter

Created & Produced by Cooper Jordan
Musically Directed by Michael Thomas Murray
Choreographed by Avital Asuleen
Lyrics by Cooper Jordan & Grant Bowen