01. novembre 2020 - 10:00 fino 18:00
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Hair Nation Expo Fall Show 2020 (3 DAY EVENT) | Showboat Atlantic City | domenica, 01. novembre 2020

EVENT CONTACT:  1-800-379-0748, X3  .. www.HairNationExpo.BIZ
Hair Nation Expo Fall 2020 is positioned to welcome up to a capacity of 30,000 persons across the three days.  We're working hard to hit that number of patrons by reaching out to an amazing array of hair and beauty professionals and enthusiasts. This includes hairstylists, product manufacturers, barbers, models, photographers, makeup artists, fashion stylists, designers, entrepreneurs, writers, authors and so many others. The event is open to everyone.
Hair Nation Expo Fall 2020s goal is to have one big conversation about healthy haircare and to meet everyone where they are along the hair and beauty spectrum.  Our website is www.HairNationExpo.Biz and our event welcomes the amazing hair industry superstars. 
Hair Nation Expo Fall 2020 emerges as one of the largest LIVE hair events in the United States and particularly the largest LIVE African American hair event in the Northeast.  It's also the largest African American LIVE hair event in the history of Atlantic City, New Jersey's boardwalk.
Hair Nation Expo '20 reunites fan favorites from our recent LIVE hair and beauty shows with those from our radio and video broadcasts and our HaiRadio Social Networking site at HaiRadio.com.   ​
Hair Nation Expo 2020 specializes in education for all with several classes and workshops, most are included for FREE with admission.  Large exhibition space on the main floor..  There are also performers and hair and beauty demonstrators who will be featured at both stage areas that are adjacent to the main floor.  ​
If you are a vendor/merchant and you're looking to add to the bottom line, this is the event for you!  It's incredibly affordable and there are bundle packages available that include booth/table rental and room rental for workshop.  If you'd like to add 'stage time', there are plans available.  Thank YOU ..KERRY HINES 347-587-3213