19. agosto 2020 - 16:00 fino 17:30
Australian Institute of Architects - SA Chapter, Adelaide
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Neuro/Techture Archispiel w/Dr Fiona Kerr | mercoledì, 19. agosto 2020

Design and its Effects on People

About this Event

A very special student focused - but open to all - event with Dr Fiona Kerr.

Dr Kerr is a thought leader in human connectivity and synchronization, partnering with technology and leading future ready, resilient organizations. She is founder of the NeuroTech Institute, which researches and consults globally on future proofing organisations and sectors to ensure the transformative power of technology is combined with the unique attributes of humans to enable the best outcomes. This includes how leaders build better brains; the cognition of resilience; the neurophysiology of human interaction and how to partner effectively with Artificial Intelligence. Fiona advises the robotics industry, health, aging and education sectors, Finland's national AI program, and Defence (USA and Australia).

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